Monday, 1 October 2012

Get 25% off on Animal and Bug Costumes

Get 25% off on Animal and Bug Costumes.We have a great Collection of Animal and Bug Costumes.
These Awesome Animal Costumes will have your family  oinking, woofing ,and meowing this Halloween.we have variety of animal and bug costume like Peacock, Mouse, Elephant, Bee, Lion and many more.

Instant Mouse Accessory Kit (Adult)

Description: Includes Gray faux fur mouse set with mouse ears on headband, bow-tie and pin-on tail. One size fits most adults. Leotard/bodysuit not included.

Price 6.9900 Sale Price 5.3100 Discount 24%

Peacock Adult Costume

Description: Includes: Dress, Tail and Headband. Does not include shoes.

  Price 46.9900   Sale Price 35.4500 Discount 25%

Buggin' Out Teen Costume

Description: Includes: Dress, Wings, Headpiece. Does not include shoes or leggings.

Price 44.9900 Sale Price 34.5100 Discount 24%

5 pc Miss Mouse Costume

Description: Miss Mouse-5 pc. Costume includes hoodie with mouse ears, capris, skirt, necklace and bow purse.

Price 70.6800 Sale Price 53.1400 Discount 25%

3 pc lil bumble bee costume

Description: Be Wicked's Lil Bumble Bee costume includes a strapless chemise made of stretch lycra with built in petticoat, wings, and headpiece. Your partner will be buzzing with excitement!

Price 58.8000 Sale Price 44.3300 Discount 25%

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