Saturday, 9 February 2013

25% Discount On Mardi Gras Products

 Discount On Mardi Gras Products
Mardi Gras dates back to the 17th century. A tradition from that time which is still popular today is the Masquerade Ball. Guests disguise themselves with masks so they can get wild without being recognized. Here you get discount on every costume We feature a large selection of masks along with our Mardi Gras costumes but you can also wear them with your street clothes to participate in the festivities in style.

Archie Comics - Jughead Adult Costume

Description:   Includes: Shirt, pants, headpiece, nose and hamburger. Does not include shoes.

 Price $33.99    Sale Price $26.73    Discount 21.35%

Evil Jester Adult Plus Costume

Description: Includes: shirt with skulls, pants, waist sash, headpiece, mask. Plus (48-52). Shoes, scepter, gloves not included.

Price $49.99    Sale Price $38.99   Discount 22%

Skeleton Groom Adult Costume   

 Description: Includes: Jacket, vest, hat and collar with attached bowtie. Does not include pants, gloves, makeup or shoes.

Price $42.99   Sale Price $ 32.74   Discount 23.84%


Twisted Joker Adult Costume

Description: Includes shirt, shirt ruffles, pants, and mask/hat. Does not include axe or boots.

Price $62.99   Sale Price $45.84   Discount 27.22%

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