Monday, 15 April 2013

Discount Upto 20% On Cinco De Mayo Male costume

Have a Cinco de Mayo 2013 celebration! Every year, May 5th is reserved for the biggest and baddest Cinco de Mayo fiesta that anyone has ever seen. The bar crowds get larger, the Cinco de Mayo party decorations multiply and become more colorful, and the margaritas get tastier. Use these Cinco de Mayo party ideas to create an unforgettable Cinco de Mayo party theme. 
Mexican Poncho Adult Costume

Description: Includes poncho. Does not include pants, shoes, facial 
hair, gun or hat.

Price $25.99   Sale Price $22.54    Discount 13.27%


Tequila Pop 'N' Dude Adult Costume

Description: Includes: Sombrero, Top, Bandoliers, Belt, 8 Shot Glasses. Does not include: Pants, Shoes, Alcohol.

Price $39.99   Sale Price $33.85    Discount 15.35%

 Buffalo Bill Jacket Adult Costume

Description: Includes: Jacket. Hat, bandana, shirt, pants, belt, boots and toy gun not included.

Price $39.99    Sale Price $33.05    Discount 17.35%

Mexican Serape Adult Costume

Description: Includes Mexican style sombrero straw hat and bright multi-colored serape. One size fits most adults. Mustache toy guns, Shirt, Pants and Sandals not included.

Price $24.99    Sale Price $ 20.25    Discount 18.96%

Tequila Pop N' Dude Adult Plus Costume

Description: Includes: Serape, two shoulder bandoliers with shot glass loops, belt with two bottle holsters, eight shot glasses and tequila print sombrero. Pants, shoes, liquor bottles and moustache not included.

Price $46.99    Sale Price $37.64       Discount 19.89%

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